Tuesday, November 10, 2009

October 29 was a beautiful, crisp fall day so I took the kids to the zoo to actually see the animals since all the animals were "asleep" during boo in the zoo. Of course, I dressed the kids all alike in their favorite owl outfits. And everyone I met wanted to know if they were triplets. Although there is an 18 1/2 month difference between the twins and Henry, they are all the same height now and Henry has passed them in some clothing sizes!

Sara and Emily


Looking at our favorite animal- the elephant.

Sara giving Henry a hug!

Playing in front of the waterfall.

Sitting on the bear for pictures!

I really think Emily looks like Ben in this picture.
Emily, Henry and Sara

They couldn't LIVE without these monkeys. I think the zoo should have given them to us because everyone who saw the kids wearing them wanted to know if we got them in the zoo gift shop (which we did). People went and bought their own because of my kids wearing them all around. Sara and Henry never even took them off when we were playing in the zoo playground! Too funny!




Sara and Henry




Boo in the Zoo

A couple weeks before Halloween, the Greenville Zoo hold a Boo in the Zoo event for the kids. They get to go trick or treating through the zoo. It was the perfect low key Halloween adventure for our three. And it was the only trick or treating they did this year since we are in an apartment complex. The weather was a bit chilly and rainy, but that did not stop us from having so much fun! The girls were Fairy Princesses and Henry was a pirate. He walked around saying "Arrr" to everyone instead of trick or treat. Very cute!

Hope you enjoy the fun pictures!!!

Celebrating with cousin Ford

We went to Columbia for the last weekend in September and were able to share in Ford's birthday celebration! He is now 5 years old! I truly cannot believe that. The kids had so much fun playing with their BIG cousins and Mawmaw and Popa

Mawmaw with Henry

Poppa with Henry

Ellie helping Emily with her shoes

Sara and the blow up birthday cake

The girls swinging

Henry loves playing with his cousin Ford!