Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going diving

This was an email I sent to Ben last week who asked me to put it up on the blog as he thought it was hilarious. Hope you enjoy and can empathize with the ever growing sea of boxes with which I am exploring through daily.

"I just went diving...

Through a sea of boxes in our garage. While plundering through box #1, I located our windstream modem and the instructions to my camera. This made me think the wireless would be there since that was office equipment, but when I hit the bottom, no such luck.

So I swam over other boxes and climbed over rails to reach yet another box that read storage misc. Maybe this would be it! What did I find- an unopened stapler, the box for my OLD camera, and more office supplies. But no wireless modem. Ugh!

So then I viciously attacked the largest non-bedding box, literally falling in with only my feet kicking out. At this point, Henry walks out with his southern "mommy whacha dooooiiiinnnggg?".

After throwing out every kid safe equipment we own, except the much needed door safety knobs of course, discovering our camcorder, I was about to give up when something caught the light at the bottom of the box and hope filled inside me as I saw it... Wedged between a Noah's Ark trash can, a tapestry hanging and some stuffed animals.

I shout for joy! We have wireless!!!

Well, it isn't hooked up yet, but I did find it!"

And for those of you who actually read through this... our wireless is now hooked up and I am typing this from our computer in the living room while the modem and wireless are safe in our bedroom. Ah the simple things that make me happy!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We have a fake tree that already has the lights built in and for that I am grateful. Although the top of the trees lights don't work and some of the bottom lights are out also, I am really not worried or stressed about this as the tree is about the only thing in our house that is actually together. Moving three weeks before Christmas with three toddlers simply means that Christmas and the next couple months will be spent unpacking boxes and unloading the boxes the kids decide to pack after they were empty. It is a long road ahead to make the house be home. And it seems that the to do list and things we need grows longer daily, BUT in the midst of that, I did manage to find time to decorate the tree.

Well, I had three (make that four helpers)- my kids and a very curious cat. I had the bright idea of having the kids help with decorating the tree and it really was a good idea. Except I forgot that the plastic ornaments I bought after Christmas last year were on the bottom of the ornament box. So, we proceeded to decorate with all the sweet, more fragile, sentimental ornaments we have collected over the years.

And yes, many were broken. But luckily, I broke the first ornament went meant I couldn't scold or be mad at anyone else. I must say that I think my curious cat Cali has broken the most ornaments as she decides every night to crawl through the tree and undecorate it. This means things to do in the morning as we go on scavenger hunts for the ornaments the cat played with throughout the night!

All I can say is that no matter how messy or how silly our tree may look, we are together as a family. And it is a Christmas that we get to spent just enjoying each other. (It is the first time in 11 years that I haven't been in a Christmas Eve service in some way. And this will be the first time my family gets to go to a Christmas Eve service TOGETHER!)





Our tree...

Sara and Emily turn FOUR!!!

On Sunday, December 13,we celebrated the twins fourth birthday!! I cannot believe they are four. It was a small gathering with only our immediate family and the grandparents. But it was the first birthday celebration in our new home! The kids love the house and we do also.

Sara and Emily blow out birthday candles

Emily enjoying the yummy cake made by Grandmother!

Sara loved the cake



Em and Mamaw

Sara with Grandmother and Granddaddy

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Picture with Santa!

Sara, Henry, Emily with Santa

This is a preview of our Christmas Card this year!

Yesterday, since it was pouring outside and we all were going stir crazy in our tiny apartment, I took the kids to the mall. I know... 3 toddlers to the mall! Crazy idea, huh? We started off at Chic fil a, where the kids chowed down and I learned there was a Showmars in the food court. I texted Ben to let him know about the Showmars and he quickly proclaimed that it was the best day of his life. Ha, ha! But of course, we had to have some Showmars last night and we both said NOW Greenville feels like home. Oh, how I have been missing some Showmars!

Anyway, after the food court, we went downstairs to find the fun toddler play area so the kids could get some energy out. And on the way, who should we see- SANTA! And Santa had no line!!! So, even though I didn't have the kids decked out in Christmas gear or even dressed all alike, we quickly scooted in and had the kids sit with Santa. The picture turned out so cute and will be turned into our Christmas cards!

After the Santa excitement, the kids were turned loose in the play area and had a BLAST. Thank you Haywood mall for having a great indoor space for kids to play for FREE!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As some of you may know, I am trying my best to learn to sew. But being in a teeny apartment and about to move, sewing has been SLOW going. I hope to start back after the New Year (and probably after boxes are unpacked) so in the meantime, I am finding FUN, FUN handmade items.

As we turn to buying Christmas presents and other gifts from people wouldn't it be great to find items that are giving to a cause or raising money for a cause. If we are going to be spending money anyway then we might as well help others in the process. There are many many worthy causes out there, but these next few people are all raising money for adoptions. Please take the time to read through and click on their blogs or shops and considering buying some of your gifts from them.

First, I have mentioned my friend Leigh a bunch. Be sure to check out her blog every Monday for a Making a Difference Monday post. She has some great resources for buying and supporting local people for good causes. She will also be hosting some really sandal parties after the new year. Trying to decide if I can host one or not...

Second, I will start with my new friend Julie, she and her husband are the parents of three beautiful children here in the US and one precious one waiting for them in Ethiopia. Julie and her husband have about 80 days now to raise over $7000!!!

Julie makes fabulous little girls dresses and clothes. It would be the perfect gift or you can get your own daughter a beautiful Christmas dress now. She custom makes ALL the outfits.

Check out Flitterbug SUPER CUTE!!!

Here are the outfits Julie custom made for Sara and Emily... and under that are just a few other tempting items!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A New Giveaway!

Handmade recess is offering giveaways for the first three days of this week! Be sure to check them out...

Beginning next Monday, November 30th, three days of giveaway goodness will arrive to kick off the holiday season. Each day I will offer one fun handmade recess item up. Want to know what she'll be giving away? It's a surprise. But I bet it will be good. Spread the word. Browse the etsy shop.