Thursday, October 30, 2008

He is all boy

I walked out of my bedroom and had to laugh at what I saw. Henry is truly all boy and loves to climb, wrestle and run. I snapped this adorable picture of him and you wouldn't know he was doing anything wrong, but look a little further and see where he was...

Yep, he is on top of a table!!!

Daddy's cookies

With Daddy out of town during the week, we thought we would make him some yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
Everyone helped!

Ant Bites- not for the weak!!!

I've been debating for some time on whether to post this or not, but since those who read this have asked how Emily is doing, I thought I would share. On Tuesday, October 14, Emily sat in a bed of fire ants at preschool. The teachers did not see the ant hill because it wasn't a hill. It was flat and spread out over a large area.

Poor girl had close to 200 bites on her torso. As you can most were on her back. By the time I got to the preschool, the teachers had gotten all the ants off and had covered her with a baking soda paste which helped. Thank goodness for my dear friend Vicki who remained calm and cared for Emily as if she were her own.

Emily did not have an allergic reaction to the ant bites this time. I have been told that if she gets bitten again by ants or stung by a bee that she could have an allergic reaction then. We are watching her closely as the ant bites are still not quite healed.

Throughout it all, Emily was a trooper. She says that the ants were loving her and giving her kisses, but that it was scary. Oh, my brave little one! Thank goodness that God was watching over her and protecting her.

Here are some pictures from the day and days after her ant bite attack!

Most of the bites were right at the underwear line or her lower back.

A side view the day after she was bitten.

Emily's back... doesn't it make you want to scratch just looking!

Here's Emily saying "I'm a brave girl."
And she is!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Party

The Farm

We spent the weekend at my in-laws farm in Surry County. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast! We began the morning picking up walnuts in the yard. They all three loved filling the bucket.
We then went on a hay ride on the back of Granddaddy's tractor. We rode to see Gizmoe the donkey and lots of cows. Sara and Emily loved seeing the cows up close and wanted to pet them, but the cows wouldn't come quite close enough.
After lunch and naps, the kids enjoyed riding on Granddaddy's lawnmower. So much fun. We ended the day with a party at one of the cousin's places... I'll post those pictures next.

Enjoy the pictures of our day on the farm!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Funny pics...

I am going to try and update a little more often since my husband is living in Greenville during the week. Here are some funny things the kids have down over the past week.

Sara found one of my husband's cds. I guess it looks appealing because of the cute picture on front, but I am afraid the music would scare the kids. We may be missing daddy, but mommy isn't missing the Melvins... sorry Daddy!

Emily decided to pretend that the ketchup was make-up. She has been fascinated watching me put make-up on every morning. She was so proud for getting it all over her face that I had to take a picture. Of course, it was straight to the bath after supper.

Henry has been saying "More" in sign language... it makes him laugh! I've told everyone that he says more and uses the sign, but of course he won't do it for anyone but me! So, here is the picture to prove that he actually knows how to say "more"!!!