Saturday, May 1, 2010

Easter Sunday

Sara, Henry, and Emily with Grandmother

I am sad to say that on Easter Sunday, I actually didn't get to attend church. While eating breakfast and getting ready for worship, Sara got a little sick. I am blaming the queasy tummy on the two boiled eggs she ate yesterday afternoon after playing egg hunt with them most of the day making them on the rather warm side!

She was fine once it was out of her system and promised that she could go to church. She even ate a Chocolate Easter Bunny from her Easter basket (thanks to Ben). But knowing that other moms would not appreciate the chance of a sick child in childcare on Easter Sunday, I stayed at home with her.

Ben, Henry and Emily went to church with Ben's parents. After worship, they came back and picked us for lunch. And yes, Sara was fine- she ate a huge lunch. Despite missing worship, the day was beautiful!

Easter Egg Hunt

Going into Easter, I was filled with mixed emotions. You see, this was our first Easter in Greenville. My first Easter not working since 1999. Our first family Easter away from Providence. And actually, our first Easter without a church home. We don't have a church home in Greenville yet, I don't know if it is from lack of trying or just plan still grieving and missing our Providence family. We are actively trying to find a church home, just nothing quite feels like it fits our family yet.

Since we don't have a church home, we decided to go visit the in-laws in High Point, NC. Their church had an Easter egg hunt for the little ones on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day and the kids loved being at Grandmother and Granddaddy's church (not to mention how much they LOVED hunting Easter Eggs).

After the hunt, Grandmother had the kids all dye eggs and hide them around the yard for lots and lots of Easter Egg hunting. Ben's brother and his family came to visit also, making it a truly wonderful Easter weekend!


Sara searching for eggs

Emily and her basket

Henry walking with his Daddy

Grandmother and Granddaddy helping to sort the eggs!

Henry and Emily checking to see who got the better candy!

Emily, Sara and Henry

My little man

Sweet girls

We love Grandmother and Granddaddy!


Ben's company supports the Shriners so we got free tickets to the Shiner's circus in Greenville! The kids may be a bit too young or we may have been sitting too far up, but we only lasted through the first half of the show. In fact, the moment we sat down, Henry climbed in Ben's lap and said I want to go home. I guess that should have been a clue that we weren't in for the long haul!

It was fun despite leaving early. The girls loved it, especially when we got to go down during intermission and be close to the ponies, bears and elephants. Of course, we didn't splurge for the pony ride, but no one minded.

Henry on Daddy's lap saying I want to go home.

Sara enjoying the circus!

Emily was surprised by something, but I don't actually know what...

This is Ben's grin and bear it smile which is saying "how much longer do we have to stay?"

Can you see the bear?

They had this bear for photo opps during intermission.
We decided against standing next to him!

All smiles!

Laughing and Dancing

Sara's black eye

One day in late March, the kids ventured next door, which is not uncommon as we have wonderful next door neighbors who have a son a year older than the twins. We love spending time with them and our kids run back and forth through the back yards to see each other and play.

On this particular day, Sara and Henry took off for a round swing that hangs on a rope in the back of the yard. It's broken and kids are not allowed to play on it, but my children did not know this. And the swing is too high for them to actually get on. So they were swinging it back and forth and all of a sudden... bam! The swing went right into Sara's left eye. Poor thing had a swollen eye even before we could walk next door. She was a brave one and only cried for a few minutes, but I know it must have hurt something awful!

The day of...


All purple the day after...