Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What a day to remember!! I am sitting on the couch with my three kids crawling over me. It is snowing outside- the first snow in Charlotte in about 5 years! We have the TV on and are watching the 2009 presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. No matter what side of the political fence you fall, I think we can all say that this is a historical day in the life of our nation.

I just said to the kids... we have a new president. And Sara's response was "what kind of a new president?" Not sure how to answer that question to a 3 year old. Any suggestions?

I don't know where we as a nation are heading, nor do I even care to comment, but I hope and pray that my life will continue to be filled with days like this... days full of laughter, hot chocolate, kids playing in snow, and heart felt memories. I, as many others, are anxious about the days and months ahead of us, but I rest assured that God is and will continue to provide for my family.

OK- enough of my babbling... here are some great pictures of the kids playing in the snow. We enjoyed it! I hope to upload a flip video of them chasing our cat Sasha later this afternoon... it was mighty humoreous!

Here are the twins testing out their boots is the snow.

A little braver...

No fear from Henry... he ran right in!





What a sweet hug!!!

Emily hugging Henry

Sara feeling for snowfall.

Henry's first fall in the snow.

He didn't like the snow on his hands...
I think we need gloves!

Henry and Sara

Emily's shake off the snow boots dance

And Sara's dance

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