Thursday, March 26, 2009

It has been way too long

Yea, yea, yea... it has been over a month since I have posted. I have so many pictures and videos to upload. Just be patient with me and give me a little more time to post all of those one here. In the meantime, here is a brief update...

A lot has happened in our family over the past month.

On February 13, we put our home on the market. Our home that we have had only 13 months and our home that we love... sad! BUT it is all for good! Once we sell it, our family will be back together again and living in Greenville, SC. I get to move back to South Carolina!!! Not that I don't LOVE NC because I do, but there is just something about being born and raised in SC that makes you long to go back... as my husband says "I'm a true sandlapper."

On February 15, I announced to the session of my church our decision to move. This comes with so many conflicting emotions. I am so sad to leave PPC. It is my home in many way. It is truly a church home for our family. All 3 of my kids were baptized here, my husband in a member, and the congregation is made up of people I call friends. Yes, I am sad, but also grateful for the time I have had a PPC. This congregation has reaffirmed my call to ministry and I know that I am stronger and more faithful because of their lives.

When we leave Charlotte, I will have the opportunity to stay at home with our 3 kids! I cannot believe that God has placed this opportunity in front of us because we did not know if it would ever be financially possible. But we are hopeful for the future and excited that I will have a few years of just being a mom before the kids go off to school. Time goes so quickly!

So, we have had 3 showings so far... not too bad with the economy, but we are hopeful that spring will bring more and someone will fall in love with our home like we did!

Aside from the stress of keeping the house clean with 3 kids underfoot, there hasn't been too much excitement in the Cox house.

We had our first trip to "visit Daddy" in Greenville. It was very interesting trying to explain to the kids that we were going to visit Daddy. But they loved it and we all managed to sleep in my husband's tiny one bedroom apartment!!! Poor Henry had to sleep in his pack in play in the laundry room. Wonder if I will ever share with him all the interesting places we set up his pack in play?

Ben and I also had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for a few days last week. My parents kept the kids so it was a nice restful trip for me. Poor Ben was actually there for work and WORK they did!!! He started some days as early as 6:30 and wasn't finished until after dinner every night. We didn't get to see much of each other, but I got to relax and had no one asking me to do ANYTHING for them. We stayed at the M Resort that just opened at the beginning of the week. I was able to take in some spa time... amazing being in a spa that has only been open for 3 weeks! How spoiled was I!!!

It was good to get back, but now I am looking at my to do list grow and grow and grow and trying to find time to fit it all in while remembering those brief days of relaxation.

That's enough for now... I will post those pics and more about the kids as soon as I can!

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