Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

PPC had its annual Easter Egg Hunt this past Sunday. After a few days of rain, the day turned out to be sunny and the ground was dry enough to have the hunt in the cemetery. That's right, we hide the eggs in our beautiful, colonial dated cemetery. The kids of all ages have fun hunting the eggs and running through the graves. It may sound odd, but it actually is the celebration of Easter and the promise of resurrection!

Here is a picture of the cemetery filled with PPC kids and families.

Here are the kids all ready to go and find some eggs!

I was in charge of letting the kids into the cemetery.
Thankfully, I didn't get trampled by the excited kids!!

Sara and Em hunting up eggs.

Em found one!

Here is Sara hunting.
Looking for eggs with Daddy.

Emily searching.

Henry finding an egg!

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