Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Funny pics...

I am going to try and update a little more often since my husband is living in Greenville during the week. Here are some funny things the kids have down over the past week.

Sara found one of my husband's cds. I guess it looks appealing because of the cute picture on front, but I am afraid the music would scare the kids. We may be missing daddy, but mommy isn't missing the Melvins... sorry Daddy!

Emily decided to pretend that the ketchup was make-up. She has been fascinated watching me put make-up on every morning. She was so proud for getting it all over her face that I had to take a picture. Of course, it was straight to the bath after supper.

Henry has been saying "More" in sign language... it makes him laugh! I've told everyone that he says more and uses the sign, but of course he won't do it for anyone but me! So, here is the picture to prove that he actually knows how to say "more"!!!

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