Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ant Bites- not for the weak!!!

I've been debating for some time on whether to post this or not, but since those who read this have asked how Emily is doing, I thought I would share. On Tuesday, October 14, Emily sat in a bed of fire ants at preschool. The teachers did not see the ant hill because it wasn't a hill. It was flat and spread out over a large area.

Poor girl had close to 200 bites on her torso. As you can most were on her back. By the time I got to the preschool, the teachers had gotten all the ants off and had covered her with a baking soda paste which helped. Thank goodness for my dear friend Vicki who remained calm and cared for Emily as if she were her own.

Emily did not have an allergic reaction to the ant bites this time. I have been told that if she gets bitten again by ants or stung by a bee that she could have an allergic reaction then. We are watching her closely as the ant bites are still not quite healed.

Throughout it all, Emily was a trooper. She says that the ants were loving her and giving her kisses, but that it was scary. Oh, my brave little one! Thank goodness that God was watching over her and protecting her.

Here are some pictures from the day and days after her ant bite attack!

Most of the bites were right at the underwear line or her lower back.

A side view the day after she was bitten.

Emily's back... doesn't it make you want to scratch just looking!

Here's Emily saying "I'm a brave girl."
And she is!!!

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Emily said...

Oh my goodness! Bless her heart! I hope she's all better now.