Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Friday's Thanksgiving Celebration

We went to Ben's parents house for Thanksgiving on Friday to celebrate with the family. Ben's sister and brother were both able to be there with there families. We attempted a family Christmas picture of our three kids with little success. I included a couple of those failed attempts here.

Ben's parents have a fantastic house and yard that begs for kids to explore and play. The girls had a blast playing with their cousins in the yard and climbing all around. The fire outside was a nice added touch to keep the grownups warm while they sat, sang and enjoyed the rare time together.

Another attempt at a picture was one of the 9 grandchildren. It was taken late in the afternoon and my kids just were not wanting to cooperate. But it still is nice to see all 9 grandchildren together and a couple of pictures with Grandmother and Granddaddy.

As you can tell, we had a great long Thanksgiving and it was spent as it should be- with family, enjoying good food and enjoying time with one another.

I hope each of you had a Happy Thanksgiving!Sara

The twins with some of their cousins


An attempt at a Christmas card picture

Take #2

S & H with daddy and cousin Elizabeth

9 grandkids

Grandkids with Grandmother and Granddaddy

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Emily said...

Wait until you see our Chrismas card. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get all the kids looking at the camera, sitting still, not crying, etc. The more kids you add, the worse it gets!

My in-laws have 15 grandchildren, with one more on the way (it's NOT me. I'm done.) Those pictures are for the record books.