Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara and Emily

My twins turned 3 this past Saturday! I am truly amazed at how much they have grown and how quickly the time has gone. I cannot imagine a single day without being a mom to these two cuties!

For those of you who don't know, Sara and Emily were conceived naturally. In fact, I told my doctors, my family and friends that I thought I was having twins. And most people's response was "Oh, so cute, first time mom." It wasn't until my ultrasound at 18 weeks that I was proved right and we knew we were having twin girls!

I made it to week 37 before my placenta gave out and the doctors induced labor. I was induced on a Monday morning, but the twins did not come until the next day. So much for planning, we had hoped their birthday would be 12-12, but instead it is 12-13! Sara was born at 12:17pm and Emily came 7 minutes later. Both beautiful and I was in love at first sight!

They had to stay in the special care nursery for 10 days because they just didn't want to eat. Luckily, we were able to take them home on Dec. 23- a true Christmas celebration!

And now, three years later, I can barely remember how long those 10 days were when I was at home without my babies. I cannot imagine my home without their voices, laughter, tears, and screams. Their noises make my day complete and make me stop and say Thank You to God for these amazing blessing. Anyone who has witnessed a birth, be it their own or not, knows that a baby is truly a gift from God. And for some reason, God blessed our family with two at once!

Sara and Emily are the best of friends... they sleep in one twin bed together even though there are two in their room. They insist on sitting in one chair to eat supper some nights. They dress alike most days, thanks to mommy (and grandparents). They share toys, books and stuffed animals with each other. Most days they play well together and can usually resolve their own disagreements without any intervention.

There is an amazing bond between twins that is hard to explain in words. It is beautiful to watch and a joy to learn about!

Happy Birthday to my twin girls- Sara and Emily!

Age one- Christmas 2006

Spring 2007

August 2007

Spring 2008
Christmas 2008


I love my girls!! said...

Happy Birthday Girls...I can't wait to meet you. It is true that your mommy is truly blessed to have you, but I also know that you both are just as blessed to have such a graet mommy!

I love my girls!! said...

Or "great"

Frances said...

They are so precious. I cannot believe it has been 3 years! Happy Belated Birthday!