Saturday, July 25, 2009

Laurel Park, NC

It is very strange for me to not work especially since as a minister my work was much more than a job. The church I served was our family's church home. It is where my kids were baptized and where they have spent most of their days. And it is home for me in the friendships and people.

So to leave the church is quite strange. Knowing now that we will as a family seek to find a church together. This will be an interesting journey for us as Ben and I have never chosen a church together. And I am not quite sure if we will find a church home that compares to PPC. And we aren't even going to attempt until the fall.

Even though leaving the church has been quite hard, the upside is that our weekends are no longer driven by my church schedule. We can actually go on weekend getaways and sleep in on Sunday. As much sleeping in as one can do with three toddlers running around!

The first weekend in June, my very first weekend not working, we went to my parents mountain place in Hendersonville, NC. Here are some of the scrapbook pages from that... The park we visited is one of my favorite places.

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Jessica said...

Those are so stinkin cute! Come do my scrapbook!