Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Exploration Class Sharing

The girls began taking a heater class at the Greenville Children's Theater this February. It was a ten week class where the kids learned all about theater through exploration, play and movement. The class was taught by Ms. Tracie whom the girls LOVED. They looked forward to going every week.

On the fifth class, each child was able to dress up in a costume and perform in front of an audience (the parents and siblings).

The girls getting ready

Emily chose to be a princess. Her name was Belle and her beast friend was the Beast! She twirled and danced in front of everyone!!!

Here comes Emily, I mean Belle!

Emily and Ms. Tracie

Emily dancing

Sara was the fairy Godmother who waved her wand and performed spells. In the words of Sara, the fairy Godmother says "Bippily, Boppily, Boo"

Sara and Ms. Tracie

Saying she was a Fairy Godmother

Waiting on her wand

The class takes a bow

Henry hugging Emily

Henry was so proud of his sisters!

Emily and Sara

Henry, Emily and Sara

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