Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Neal Family Christmas

Here are all six Neal grandkids. Trying to get a great picture of all of them is hard to do, but they still are cute.
Ford- age 5, Witt- age 8, Ellie- age 7
Emily- age 4, Henry- age 2, Sara- age 4

For some reason, Henry was NOT happy about pictures and just wanted to go back inside.

We spent Christmas Eve in Columbia with my family. All the cousins enjoy playing together and had so much fun with presents! Before heading back to Greenville, we even went to my sister's church for Christmas Eve service where Uncle Andy sang and Cousin Witt played a shepard.

Emily and Sara with cousin Ellie

Henry with his cousins Witt and Ford

Emily and Sara


Witt helping Henry with his new Mickey Mouse train

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