Monday, August 25, 2008


We have been struggling with nap time lately. When we put the twins in their room, they end up playing, pooping, crying...anything but sleeping.

But today....
Ah, today was another story. A day worth writing down and sharing.

It began with Henry falling asleep in his chair at the table. He was easily moved to his crib and is still asleep as I write this.

The twins started getting fussy and instead of our normal wind down, try to negotiate sleep, I decided to follow my wonderful husband's advice and separate them...

And so the story goes. Emily is sound asleep in her bed in her room and Sara is asleep in mommy and daddy's bed. Bless them for sleeping and granting mommy some much needed time alone.

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Jessica said...

I can imagine that it would be hard to get all three of them napping at the same time! Crazy!