Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steps in our lives

When did they get so BIG???

I knew it would happen... in fact, I wanted it to. But now that it did, it makes me kind of sad...

The kids are all eating the same foods!!! I sat them down for dinner tonight.

Sara and Emily in BIG chairs and the table and And then I sat their plates down AND they all had the same food!!!

Pasta, fruit, cheese... of course, Henry's was cut in smaller chunks, BUT they were all eating the same thing!

Henry in his high chair pushed up to the table with no tray.

This is a HUGE step in our lives...

and just ONE of many steps we are taking lately...

Sara and Emily are potty training. Down to sleeping in pullups at naptime and diapers at nap. A few accidents here and there, but they are doing great for 2 1/2 year olds.

Henry is walking. Really getting good at it... he does the hallelujah walk with his hands in the air! It is too cute.

Our new kitty Cali is adjusting well to our house and our older cat Sasha is tolerating her.

The kids all start MMO/preschool on Tuesday, Sept. 2... I am counting down!!!

Now if we could just get Henry to sleep through the night...

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Jessica said...

Yeah Press! I am glad to know about your blog. I'll check back often. Your kids are so cute! I need to update mine soon :). If you click some of the comments on mine you may see some names you recognize!