Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going diving

This was an email I sent to Ben last week who asked me to put it up on the blog as he thought it was hilarious. Hope you enjoy and can empathize with the ever growing sea of boxes with which I am exploring through daily.

"I just went diving...

Through a sea of boxes in our garage. While plundering through box #1, I located our windstream modem and the instructions to my camera. This made me think the wireless would be there since that was office equipment, but when I hit the bottom, no such luck.

So I swam over other boxes and climbed over rails to reach yet another box that read storage misc. Maybe this would be it! What did I find- an unopened stapler, the box for my OLD camera, and more office supplies. But no wireless modem. Ugh!

So then I viciously attacked the largest non-bedding box, literally falling in with only my feet kicking out. At this point, Henry walks out with his southern "mommy whacha dooooiiiinnnggg?".

After throwing out every kid safe equipment we own, except the much needed door safety knobs of course, discovering our camcorder, I was about to give up when something caught the light at the bottom of the box and hope filled inside me as I saw it... Wedged between a Noah's Ark trash can, a tapestry hanging and some stuffed animals.

I shout for joy! We have wireless!!!

Well, it isn't hooked up yet, but I did find it!"

And for those of you who actually read through this... our wireless is now hooked up and I am typing this from our computer in the living room while the modem and wireless are safe in our bedroom. Ah the simple things that make me happy!

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