Thursday, December 3, 2009

Picture with Santa!

Sara, Henry, Emily with Santa

This is a preview of our Christmas Card this year!

Yesterday, since it was pouring outside and we all were going stir crazy in our tiny apartment, I took the kids to the mall. I know... 3 toddlers to the mall! Crazy idea, huh? We started off at Chic fil a, where the kids chowed down and I learned there was a Showmars in the food court. I texted Ben to let him know about the Showmars and he quickly proclaimed that it was the best day of his life. Ha, ha! But of course, we had to have some Showmars last night and we both said NOW Greenville feels like home. Oh, how I have been missing some Showmars!

Anyway, after the food court, we went downstairs to find the fun toddler play area so the kids could get some energy out. And on the way, who should we see- SANTA! And Santa had no line!!! So, even though I didn't have the kids decked out in Christmas gear or even dressed all alike, we quickly scooted in and had the kids sit with Santa. The picture turned out so cute and will be turned into our Christmas cards!

After the Santa excitement, the kids were turned loose in the play area and had a BLAST. Thank you Haywood mall for having a great indoor space for kids to play for FREE!

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Amanda said...

Sounds like a GREAT day!! And the pictures are wonderful!! Your kids are so dang cute they dont nee matching outfits! (although, they do coordinate really well!)