Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As some of you may know, I am trying my best to learn to sew. But being in a teeny apartment and about to move, sewing has been SLOW going. I hope to start back after the New Year (and probably after boxes are unpacked) so in the meantime, I am finding FUN, FUN handmade items.

As we turn to buying Christmas presents and other gifts from people wouldn't it be great to find items that are giving to a cause or raising money for a cause. If we are going to be spending money anyway then we might as well help others in the process. There are many many worthy causes out there, but these next few people are all raising money for adoptions. Please take the time to read through and click on their blogs or shops and considering buying some of your gifts from them.

First, I have mentioned my friend Leigh a bunch. Be sure to check out her blog every Monday for a Making a Difference Monday post. She has some great resources for buying and supporting local people for good causes. She will also be hosting some really sandal parties after the new year. Trying to decide if I can host one or not...

Second, I will start with my new friend Julie, she and her husband are the parents of three beautiful children here in the US and one precious one waiting for them in Ethiopia. Julie and her husband have about 80 days now to raise over $7000!!!

Julie makes fabulous little girls dresses and clothes. It would be the perfect gift or you can get your own daughter a beautiful Christmas dress now. She custom makes ALL the outfits.

Check out Flitterbug SUPER CUTE!!!

Here are the outfits Julie custom made for Sara and Emily... and under that are just a few other tempting items!


Leigh said...

Love them! so glad you ordered the girls some outfits from Julie!!!

Amanda said...

Those really ARE adorable!!! I might have to consider them for some gifts!