Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sara's black eye

One day in late March, the kids ventured next door, which is not uncommon as we have wonderful next door neighbors who have a son a year older than the twins. We love spending time with them and our kids run back and forth through the back yards to see each other and play.

On this particular day, Sara and Henry took off for a round swing that hangs on a rope in the back of the yard. It's broken and kids are not allowed to play on it, but my children did not know this. And the swing is too high for them to actually get on. So they were swinging it back and forth and all of a sudden... bam! The swing went right into Sara's left eye. Poor thing had a swollen eye even before we could walk next door. She was a brave one and only cried for a few minutes, but I know it must have hurt something awful!

The day of...


All purple the day after...

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