Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ben's company supports the Shriners so we got free tickets to the Shiner's circus in Greenville! The kids may be a bit too young or we may have been sitting too far up, but we only lasted through the first half of the show. In fact, the moment we sat down, Henry climbed in Ben's lap and said I want to go home. I guess that should have been a clue that we weren't in for the long haul!

It was fun despite leaving early. The girls loved it, especially when we got to go down during intermission and be close to the ponies, bears and elephants. Of course, we didn't splurge for the pony ride, but no one minded.

Henry on Daddy's lap saying I want to go home.

Sara enjoying the circus!

Emily was surprised by something, but I don't actually know what...

This is Ben's grin and bear it smile which is saying "how much longer do we have to stay?"

Can you see the bear?

They had this bear for photo opps during intermission.
We decided against standing next to him!

All smiles!

Laughing and Dancing

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