Saturday, May 1, 2010

Easter Sunday

Sara, Henry, and Emily with Grandmother

I am sad to say that on Easter Sunday, I actually didn't get to attend church. While eating breakfast and getting ready for worship, Sara got a little sick. I am blaming the queasy tummy on the two boiled eggs she ate yesterday afternoon after playing egg hunt with them most of the day making them on the rather warm side!

She was fine once it was out of her system and promised that she could go to church. She even ate a Chocolate Easter Bunny from her Easter basket (thanks to Ben). But knowing that other moms would not appreciate the chance of a sick child in childcare on Easter Sunday, I stayed at home with her.

Ben, Henry and Emily went to church with Ben's parents. After worship, they came back and picked us for lunch. And yes, Sara was fine- she ate a huge lunch. Despite missing worship, the day was beautiful!

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