Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion Friday

I have a good friend, Leigh (she is the one trying to adopt a baby from Ethiopia- check out her giveaway blog link on the side!). Leigh always does a fashion friday blog with fun things like kid clothes, earrings, dresses, etc. Well, since everyone has been asking about the twins and their hair. I thought I would do a fashion Friday based on their new do (and cover ups for the do!) More hats to come, maybe even some bows!

Let me know which one you like by commenting!

Option 1: No hat, just the short hair!

Option 2: Hats from the Children's Place

Option 3: Sweater hat shown on Sara above the ear

Option 4: Sweater hat shown on Emily pulled over the ears


Leigh said...

They are precious with hats and without! And their faces always crack me up, I know they keep you laughing!

And since this is fashion friday, those dresses they are wearing are adorable! I love them!!!!

Frances said...

I agree with Leigh. They look great with AND without the hats. They are so cute, and we miss them!!