Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday after the hair incident

In order to try and do something with the hair, I took the girls to Snip-its today. Thank goodness for a kid's hair salon being open on a Sunday!!! After the trauma of watching Sara's hair be cut with clippers, my nerves are now settling and I am beginning to laugh. We went by the Children's Place after the haircuts and picked up two hats for each of the girls. I am thinking lots of hats will help us make it through the fall and winter. Please send hats!!!
I know, I know, it really isn't that bad, but their hair is just so SHORT now!!! At least hair grows...

Now on the results from the haircuts!

Emily is pictured first with before, during and after shots. Apparently they didn't do as much damage to Emily as to Sara. Emily's hair was not touched in the back and when they cut it wasn't too close to the scalp.

Emily Before

Emily During
Emily After

With Sara, the girls cut deep into the sides and into the back, causing it to be harder to cut. The stylist had to break out the clippers on her!!! She also has the double cowlick thing going on in the back so I imagine most days it will be sticking up straight!

Sara Before

Sara During

Sara After

Emily and Sara

Emily and Sara

Thank you to all for your sweet notes and comments on facebook and here. Please keep the encouragement coming. And seriously, if you come across some cute hats send them my way!!


Leigh said...

check out Etsy for some cute hates, they have some really cute ones with flowers and you can always do those headbands that you can attach the different bows to, those are pretty cute!

At least the girls don't look upset :)

Kirstin said...

Oh Presley!! I am sending prayers up for all of you. Wow. (I just wrote myself a note to put away all the kids' scissors!) Sara and Emily are still just as cute as buttons ... and hair does grow fast. Just think how much faster it will be to wash and rinse this way, and you don't have to worry about brushing it for a while. Hmmm... maybe I'll leave the scissors out after all ;) Hugs to you! ~Kirstin

I love my girls!! said...

OK... That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I am sure you were not laughing as hard as I was. I am coming to Greenville in October, and would love to see you and meet your hairless clan!!!! I will FB and let you know the details. Take care.