Monday, September 21, 2009

Time to go to bed...

"The bed is a bundle of paradoxes:  we go to it with reluctance, yet we quit it with regret; we make up our minds every night to leave it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late."  ~Charles Caleb Colton

I need some advice on how to help my twins go to sleep at a decent time.  These girls have never really liked to go to sleep, but lately it is like a slumber party every night in their room!  They go to their room around 8 every night, but neither one will give it up until around 9:30 or 10:00 pm!  I am worn out from night time battles.  

Luckily, our little guy Henry is a sound sleeper.  He goes down around 7:30 and I usually don't hear a peep from him until after 8 am the next day.

But the girls... since they don't go to sleep early, they sleep in usually until 9:30 or 10:00!  Now I don't mind the extra sleep in the mornings, but I would rather have a full day with them than the night drama!

I call it drama because it is... one excuse after the other.  "I'm thirsty"  "I'm hungry"  "I want to play"  "I need this stuffed animal and this one and this one"  "where's such and such"  and the list goes on.

I think this would all change if the girls had separate rooms (or maybe then it would be a battle because they want to be together.)  However, in our little 3 room apartment, they must share a room. 

Any advice out there on how to get them to go to sleep at a decent hour? 


Misty said...

Hey Pressley! It's so neat to keep up with you with your blog. I'm not so good with day! Anyhoo...bedtime. 2 things: 1. put them to bed even earlier. (And this can work with #2)
2. use the ticket system. They get a number of tickets (say 2 or 3 to begin with(and for them it would be for the room, not each girl). Each time they get out of bed, take a ticket(keep them on the fridge(move from one magnet to the other)) and just calmly send them back to bed. If they use all tickets and get up again, let them know that and their consequence will be enacted. That needs to be something for the next day, like a playtime, treat, or going to bed earlier. (we did 15 minutes earlier for each time after the 2nd ticket)
Not foolproof, but can be a start. Hope this helps and we miss you!

Carol said...

Misty has some good ideas! Additionally, you could go ahead and wake them up earlier in the morning as well.

Avoid videos late in the day as these can make children hyper after viewing.

Keep the same rituals and routine of bedtime, something like: 1. clean up toys; 2. snack (I've read calcium sources are calming--yogurt, milk, etc.); 3. bath; 4. story (read in a slow, boring monotone) and prayers.

You might also try a little time of back rubbing or other physcial touch which can also be calming.

Good luck!

Amanda said...

I am a big fan of the SuperNanny method... you can google it for better instruction then from me. (I tend to miss important details!) :)

Good luck!