Saturday, September 5, 2009

Annual Beach Trip

We went to Holden Beach for the week of Aug. 22-29, 2009. This is an annual tradition for the Cox crew. And the past two years we have stayed in the same house.
The weather was wonderful! Mid-80's almost every day and rain only on Friday!
Our days were filled with time on the beach looking for seashells, jumping the waves, walks with grandmother, playing in the sand, and puzzles.

Sara and Emily often woke up before everyone else and had their bathing suits on before breakfast. We spent the mornings on the beach, early afternoon resting and usually the twins and I hit the beach again before dinner.

Henry was not a huge fan of the water this year. He would only go near it if Mommy or Daddy were with him. But he loved the sand and playing under the cabana on the beach!

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